Managed Cloud services

Managed cloud service allows a third-party firm to take limited or complete management and control of a client’s cloud assets to perform one or more tasks: migration, maintenance, development, testing, and optimization. Organizations are inclined to hire a managed cloud service provider rather than managing and running their cloud resources in-house for a number of reasons. With dedicated resources, they can ensure their cloud assets are running smoothly all the time. In addition, outsourcing cloud management to third-party organizations cut the cost of hiring new resources and training them in your cloud domain.

Reliazon is your trusted managed cloud service provider

Reliazon is a managed cloud services provider and can manage your private, public, and hybrid cloud environments. Working with Reliazon as your managed cloud services provider is a collaborative process. To figure out the optimal cloud resources for your IT infrastructure, as your managed cloud services vendor, we begin by looking at your application portfolio and other data assets. Accordingly, we will create a custom plan to build and run your optimized cloud environment in the most efficient way.

We recommend that you adopt a managed cloud service provider throughout the entire cloud solution lifecycle. Reliazon can help you with initial adoption or assist you throughout entire cloud solutions lifecycle.

Choosing Reliazon as managed cloud service provider brings enormous benefits

Cloud computing brings a massive set of benefits to your organization from the very beginning. However, as your cloud assets grow in size, managing your cloud implementation can become a huge challenge for your in-house operators.

As an experienced managed cloud services provider, we can make it approachable for your organization to have the required computing resources at your disposal, which saves costs, improves flexibility, and maximizes available resources.

Whether you have existing infrastructure in place and want to migrate it to the cloud or want to go cloud first with all your business applications, Reliazon can assist to make it happen.

Benefits of our managed Cloud Services

Unparalleled Scalability

Whether it is to keep up with rising demand or sudden spikes in traffics, we can scale or descale your cloud resources on demand.

Manage Updates

With rising competition, cloud vendors are issuing more updates to their cloud offering than before which may break your application. Don’t worry! We got your back.

Cloud Backups

Every instance of your cloud resources is automatically backed to multiple cloud location to ensure integrity of your data. We ensure those backups are not interrupted.


With essential IT infrastructure such as compute, storage, networking, and security becoming one of the services of cloud vendors, we help you go serverless.


With Reliazon managing your cloud environment, you don’t need to worry about hiring, training, and retaining the talent to monitor your cloud application.

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