Data Science

Data Science Services and Strategy

We generated more data in the past five years than we ever did. The growing volume of data while brings some security and storage concerns, opens-up endless opportunities for businesses harvesting these large datasets. Data science is all about extracting business value from these datasets with the help of right set of tools and people.

A number of big data tools have emerged over the years leading data science to emerge as an independent field of study.

Data science concepts have been instrumental in evolution of artificial intelligence and deep Learning from mere concepts to mainstream technologies. Nevertheless, the fundamental basis of data science lies in the ability to draw insights from raw and unstructured data.

At Reliazon, we believe data is the new oil. The volume doesn’t matter; it is your ability to harvest that data to derive business value out of it does.

Reliazon has a team of data scientists to make every byte of your data worth. Reliazon offers these services to generate maximum ROI on your data otherwise sitting ideally in your warehouse:

  • Finding Business Case
  • Plotting Data-Driven Enterprise
  • Improving Machine Learnings Models
  • Model optimization, deployment, management and monitoring
  • Building Computer Vision Solutions
  • Populating Data Dictionary
  • Lending Data Discovery Platform

Data speaks louder than words

Bring data goodness to your business with Reliazon

Whether you want to build data models using neural networks, machine learning and deep learning or deploy algorithms on docker, Kubernetes, on-premises, or public cloud, Reliazon will get you started in no time. With our data science services, you can generate meaningful insights on incoming data stream in real-time.

Our team of data scientists grants your organization operational and cognitive intelligence, optimize utilization of your IT infrastructure, reduce cost and potential bottlenecks by running predictive analysis, and increase increase workforce collaboration.

Customer Analytics

Data science techniques allows customer analytics solutions to better personalize recommendations and draw consistent predictive models.

Data Munging or Wrangling

Data Munging or Wrangling techniques are employed to filter and transform the data. Preprocessed data is easier on data mining software and draw results quicker.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics is the centerpiece to modern data intelligence (DI) software. Today’s BI solutions allow organizations to make data-driven business decision.

Time Series Forecasting

Data science allows building models for automated time series forecasting and associated application using statistical evaluation techniques.

Operational Analytics

Operational solutions are crucial to build predictive analytics capabilities and allowing enterprise performance analytics solutions.

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